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  • Classic blade bending radius.
  • Thin, narrow blades provide easy access to the cuticle.
  • Neat and precise cut due to professional manual sharpening.
  • Straight elongated handles.
  • Standard rings with soft silicone inserts do not rub fingers and provide comfort at work.
  • Reduction of hand fatigue during work, thanks to the easy stroke of the scissors.
  • The matte surface of the handles does not reflect light and does not tension of the technician's eyes.
  • High-alloy stainless steel.
  • Resistant to sterilization in a dry-heat oven and autoclave.
  • Silicone inserts are resistant to all types of sterilisation (Important: remove the silicone inserts from the scissors before processing, sterilise them separately, put them back on the scissors before starting work).
  • Can be subject to disinfection with special agents.
  • Recommended for a manicure.

Professional Cuticle Scissors SMART 40 TYPE 3

€ 15,23Price
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