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In the process of finishing the manicure, you can not do without tools for processing the cuticle. You can carefully cut the leather and thus prevent the appearance of burrs with the help of Staleks professional leather nippers from the Smart 10 NS-10-4 series. They are a combination of flawless functionality, laconic design and practicality.


Smart 10 NS-10-4 cutting pliers are designed for craftsmen who work at ease with small 3mm cutting edges.


Features of the STALEKS PRO SMART 10 nippers:


  • made of 40X13 stainless steel, also used for making medical instruments;
  • a miniature working part allows you to carefully remove excess skin near the periungual ridges;
  • perfectly sharp blades and their complete closure significantly increase the quality of the cut: the tool does not chew the cuticle, so after processing there are no cuts and wounds;
  • manual sharpening on both sides and heat treatment in special furnaces improve cutting capacity and extend service life;
  • the metal plates between the handles create a slight elastic effect, thanks to which the line becomes soft and smooth;
  • the comfort of use is obtained thanks to the ergonomic handles, made taking into account the anatomical characteristics of the palm.
  • The forceps Staleks Pro Smart 10 NS-10-4 are a reliable and effective assistant, thanks to which manicure will bring only pleasure.

Professional cuticle nippers SMART 10 4 mm

€ 20,00Price
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