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STALEKS PRO Expert 90 micro scissors - designed to cut the cuticle.


Manicurists can use them to cut the cuticles.


The total length of the scissors is 125 mm. The length of the working blades is 15mm, the width of the blades is 3mm.


The tweezers are comfortable thanks to their unusual shape, the pointed curved blade allows access to the cut material in the most inaccessible places.


With the help of the micro scissors, you can cut the cuticles perfectly


Features of STALEKS PRO Expert 90 micro scissors



  • better view of the treated surface, thanks to the unusual straight handles;
  • ease of work;
  • cutting edge in miniature;
  • professional manual sharpening;
  • handles without rings do not rub or press fingers;
  • 40X13 stainless steel.

Cuticle scissors Micro EXPERT 90 TYPE 1

€ 21,00Price
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