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The ball-shaped diamond bit is a diamond-coated cutter of a certain hardness. This cutter is designed for manicure and pedicure. Its purpose is the removal of the lateral cuticles and the processing of the cuticle. In a pedicure, it can be used to remove calluses.


The burs are presented in two grades of fine abrasiveness (red) and with a diameter of 2.5 mm.



Use of the diamond ball:
cuticle treatment;
side leather processing;
treatment of the lateral sinuses;
corn processing;
smoothing of cracks.

The bits need proper care during use. This will make the procedure safe and the useful life longer. Cleaning and washing of the nozzle should be done after each customer. Ideally, use an ultrasonic cleaner, then sterilize and disinfect. Store the diamond tips in a special container and avoid the ingress of dust and moisture.

Diamond nail drill bit,"ball",blue,2.5mm

€ 4,95Price
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