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Staleks PRO EXPERT instruments are very popular due to their high quality standards. Among the wide range of accessories, everyone will find exactly what they are comfortable and pleasant to work with.


The specialists of the Staleks PRO brand have developed a special left-handed manicure spatula STALEKS PRO EXPERT 30 TYPE 4.3 PE-30 / 4.3 rounded pusher + curved blade.


This tool will appeal to craftsmen with a non-standard guiding hand. It doesn't need to be "customized" for you: just take it and work.


Features of the manicure spatula STALEKS PRO EXPERT 30 TYPE 4.3 PE-30 / 4.3:

  • it is made of 20X13 high quality medical steel;
  • has a stainless property and additional corrosion resistance, which is provided by polishing with GOI paste;
  • has two working sides: one is made in the form of a rounded pusher, and the second is a folded blade;
  • equipped with a massive wavy handle, which improves the fixing of the instrument in the hands;
  • has an increased pusher size for a wide nail plate and a comfortable blade inclination for left-handed work;
  • has a durable, hand-made sharpening;
  • recommended for manicure and pedicure procedures.


With the STALEKS PRO EXPERT 30 TYPE 4.3 PE-30 / 4.3 spatula, the manicure can be performed safely and gently, avoiding damage.

Manicure pusher Exp. 30 TYPE 4.3(rounded) left side

€ 6,10Price
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